EPICS Therapeutics to Acquire Ogeda former assets and raising additional €14.2M

EPICS Therapeutics SA, a recently launched spin-off of ULB (April 2018) focused on discovery and development of innovative small molecules anti-cancer drugs acting on RNA epigenetics, today announced it has entered into a Business Transfer Agreement with Ogeda SA. On Dec 31st 2018, part of the Ogeda assets, including research stage programs and the EuroscreenFast Business Services Unit will be acquired by EPICS. The financial details of the transaction are not disclosed. In parallel of this acquisition, EPICS will also raise €14.2 Million ($16.1 Million) to fund further developments. Discover the press release here.

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La Wallonie libère 5 millions d’euros dans le cadre de l’extension du Biopark de Gosselies

Le gouvernement wallon a décidé d’octroyer jeudi une première tranche de 5 millions d’euros afin de lancer les études relatives à la conception de l’I-Tech 6 dans le cadre de l’extension du Biopark de Gosselies, annonce le ministre wallon de l’Economie, Pierre-Yves Jeholet. Au travers de ce projet, le Biopark de Gosselies accueillera prochainement un nouvel incubateur de 25.000m². Découvrez le communiqué de presse ici.

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