Aquilon Pharma raises €6.6M for its asthma and COPD clinical development

Aquilon Pharmaceuticals S.A., spin-off of Liege University, established in 2013 and expert in the treatment of serious lung diseases has raised € 6.6 million for its clinical (Phase I/IIa) and commercial development.

"Completing phase I/IIa of the clinical studies confirming our expertise and negotiating future distribution licences were the two major objectives pursued; the fundraising campaign which closed on 30 November 2018 will allow us to achieve them. This fundraising is balanced and involves both private and public partners. It provides us with the necessary resources for Aquilon Pharma's development, both clinical and commercial, notably on the Canadian and US markets," said Paul Maes, the CEO of Aquilon Pharma.

"We worked in Aquilon alongside our partners BeAngels and SCALE1 and in addition to Spinventure, given the interest of the project and the possible collaborations with the biotech ecosystem of the Gosselies Biopark. Thanks to the funds raised, the company will be able to accelerate its development and we are happy to be able to help them with their project," said Anne Prignon, CEO of Sambrinvest.

Discover the official press release here.

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Texere Biotech launches world's first fully robotic bone allograft processing line

Charleroi (BE), 12 December 2018, 17:30 PM CET

TEXERE Biotech, a Belgian-based biotech company specializing in human tissue processing, is today inaugurating the world’s first fully robotic and most advanced processing line for the production of orthobiologics bone allograft. As the source of the product is donated tissue, it is extremely important to maximize the yield in order to increase the availability to patients. The TEXERE process (known as “smart factory-industry 4.0 type”) increases tissue recovery by a factor of 2 to 3 compared with existing processes. At the same time, it offers a superior product quality, with increased medical safety, and does so at a reduced cost. Discover the official press release here.

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