Univercells introduces breakthrough vaccine manufacturing plateform

Univercells announced today the commercial launch of its proprietary NevoLine™ bioproduction system for vaccines.

"This challenging two-year project aimed at delivering a new manufacturing system to drastically decrease cost, footprint and time to market for vaccine manufacturers, and we are pleased to have met these goals," Hugues Bultot, CEO and co-founder of Univercells said. "The NevoLine system is self-contained into a 6m² series of isolators. A facility designed with four NevoLine units would deliver up to 50 million sIPV doses per year for an estimated capital cost of $20M. These breakthrough achievements further strengthen our dedication to innovating flexible, scalable and accessible vaccines and biotherapeutics manufacturing solutions."

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EPICS Therapeutics to Acquire Ogeda former assets and raising additional €14.2M

EPICS Therapeutics SA, a recently launched spin-off of ULB (April 2018) focused on discovery and development of innovative small molecules anti-cancer drugs acting on RNA epigenetics, today announced it has entered into a Business Transfer Agreement with Ogeda SA. On Dec 31st 2018, part of the Ogeda assets, including research stage programs and the EuroscreenFast Business Services Unit will be acquired by EPICS. The financial details of the transaction are not disclosed. In parallel of this acquisition, EPICS will also raise €14.2 Million ($16.1 Million) to fund further developments. Discover the press release here.

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